Why WEBSITE is important?

Nowadays, a ghost name “entrepreneurship” is running on everybody’s head. Everybody tries to explore the possibilities that the internet could provide. They can provide their ideas, thoughts, products, and services to the world through online means. So that they can earn money and get public recognition for their quality content.

But the question arises “Do you need a website for influencing your services, products, and ideas through online means.?” If I keep it short then “Why Website is important?”.

Right now there are two types of people who haven’t look at the importance of the website.

First one is those who like to share the contents with the means of social media. We should agree that the internet provides all of us an infinite amount of opportunities. Like now anyone can become socially known by just creating useful content on Social Medias. There are bunches of great social media out there with each having a different kind of taste. So that anybody could create content and share with their friends, families, and followers.

On the other hand, unlike social media uploaders, second in the category are people who are running offline businesses. These businesses could be small and medium-sized.

The Social Media Content Creators and Offline Business Man, both are entrepreneurs if they provide either service(s) or product(s).

Note:- Ysocial media uploaders are the people who are not posting something which can only be fun for family and friends. They generally used to upload content which is useful for the people. Like a seven-year-old who runs a YouTube channel on toys review.

Why Website is Important for Offline Business Man?

If you are a businessman, and specifically “offline business-man” who are earning from providing service(s) and products to customers with face-to-face interaction. Like a garment store or tax agent, as an offline business always depends upon the location where it operates.

But you can provide your services and products online with the help of your own website.

Why Website is important? The first fact about going online is that you can provide your services and products to the world, 3.4 billion if I am going to be exact.

I think this only characteristic of online business with your website is sufficient.

Next thing, that you can also increase is your local offline customers. How can increase your local Offline Customers?

Why website is important for Social Media Content Creators?

Social Media Content Creators create content on different genres. Like some of them share content regarding arts, mini crafts, some provide the product, movies or book reviews, and some create content about trending news, funny memes and much more.

I agree that this kind of social media viral content creators could earn from different other means using only social media as a tool. But actually, you are making yourself limited if you are not using the website to enhance your earning.

Let’s take an example here, for an instant imagine that you are John who makes a viral Instagram account on funny memes related to movie content and trending topics. You have around 50k followers. Now you just started a small advertisement agency, make a website for the advertising company and show others where their content should be advertised. You market your website with different means and get customers for advertising on your Instagram page.

Dikshant Mehta

Dikshant Mehta is one of the two founders of Everyonix Technologies. He is a 22 years old serial entrepreneur. He creates websites, content online, and strategies for social media.