Why people and clients have a fear of WordPress?

I know some of the clients, who simply reject the proposal because of usage of WordPress.

Either they have some misconception or myths about the WordPress. Or they are afraid of some of the should-not-to-be-done things that usually a WordPress Developer do.

We are going to discuss one by one the reason behind why you should also afraid of some of the practices that a developer do with your WordPress site.

Their fear is due the freelancers, who are not taking the work serioulsy as WordPress Developer.

1. The use WordPress.com

Yes that the first thing I really hated about the developers.

People simply take the free plan of WordPress.com and host the site on WordPress.com. And charge like hundred and sometimes thousands of dollars from the clients.


They are simply goofing off. Yes I can understand you can charge for creating the site. But all the freelancers and developers have to be transparent.

WordPress.com and WordPress CMS are different things.

If next time you are hiring some of the freelancer, then ask the question that they are not creating a site on WordPress.com?

2. The number of Plugins they are using

The more complexity of the WordPress increases with the use of so many plugins togethor.

The regular use of so many plugins lead to high cost of site maintenance. Why?

Before understanding, this we have to understand why do we need plugins? Because plugins help to add functionalities and features to your site.

Like Yoast SEO plugin is good for your WordPress site SEO. Woocommerce is for selling products online and etc.

These are trust-worthy plugins. Because the creator of these plugins are regularly updating the plugin, and clearing out the bugs and issues these might show with some other plugins.

But if you need many complex features, I prefer to ask the freelancer, that he or she should provide a maintainece for atleast the next update, for FREE.

To overcome this issue.

Because when new wordPress comes up, you update some the plugins, and themes. But not all plugins are regularly updating.

That makes your site vulnerable to being down, and sometimes other serious threats like data stealing or hacking.

3. Not investing in Maintenance

Every website need maintenance, either you are creating through scratch or through CMS.

Because these CMS, or frameworks constantly updating.

So we have to update the code as well.

Before making your site you should always ask the developer about the maintenance charge for the year atleast.

Dikshant Mehta

Dikshant Mehta is one of the two founders of Everyonix Technologies. He is a 22 years old serial entrepreneur. He creates websites, content online, and strategies for social media.