Why a photographer needs a photography website?

Why a photographer needs a photography website?

Do photographers need a photography website? The discussion related to this topic should be quite intense. Why? Because many websites claim that it is “MUST” to have a website for any business. But my question is why? However, one thing I must say here that it is not “MUST” to have a website for your business. But my opinion is, why not give it a try? Nowadays, website development doesn’t cost much if you give your online career as a photographer a new dimension.

Who are photographers?

Photographers are the people whose passion is to click shots for one or more genres. Even according to me selfie artists are also photographers because they find passion to take a selfie of them in different scenarios.

I always emphasize on providing the perspective that could affect one’s business positively. Photography is an artistic work. Here I am gonna talk about how and why a photography website is highly advantageous for a photographer whether he/she is professional or non-professional one.

Who are professional photographers?

As the name suggests professional photographers are the one who is earning right now, working as a freelancer, or for any agency. I am giving prominence here to offline photographers while discussing the need for a website.

Who are non-professional photographers?

Some would say that non-professional photographers are the one who works for their passion. Actually this thing is wrong. WHY? Because professional photographers also work for passion. In my opinion, the only component that separates non-professional from professional photographers is the absence of money-making formula through their clicks.

But the one thing common in every non-professional photographer is that they need the audience for their shots. The audience that can understand the talent and message behind the pictures. And, a website is a great way to communicate with the audience and get the right attention for the pictures.

Different Genres of Photography?


There are many genres of photography. Most popular ones are wedding photography, product photography, event photography. But I want you to tell that even astrophotography also exists.

Every photographer has his/her favorite genre(s). Here is a funny thing. A friend of mine wants to become Fine Art Photographer, but the funny thing is he shot over 2000 birthday shots every month. Why? Because of his big friend circle, and he has a good camera. For normal people, every photographer is the same. Just they see a person holding a nice camera. While I am writing about this, I understand the pain of my friend. But this thing could be solved using a website. How? I am gonna discuss it later.

Following are different types of photography:

  • Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Sports photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Aerial Photography
  • Scientific Photography
  • Stock Photography
  • Selfie Artist
  • Special Photography

A brief introduction to different kinds of photography.

Let’s do a little talk about these kinds of photography.

Most people know about wedding and event photographers. Because the common people are the clients of such photographers. On average, there are 115k weddings organized on the same day. However, it is not wrong to say that these photographers are high on demand.

Next one is the corporate photographers. Like product photographers, Fashion Photographers, Architectural photography, Photojournalism, and Advertising photography are mostly hired by corporate. Product photographers hired by brands or e-commerce for capturing the product photographs with descriptive touch. Fashion photographers are hired by big magazines. Architectural photography is about shooting the whole development of an architectural monument or building, inside or outside from start to finish. Photojournalism is about capturing what’s trending on the news. Advertising photography is related to the advertisement and marketing material, so the photographs should be catchy and intuitive.

Others are the special photographers, like fine art photographers, travel photographers, pet photography, sports photography, scientific photographers, Aerial Photographer, and photojournalism. These special photographers are mostly hired by agencies or work as a freelancer. Fine art photographers are like an artist, who capture the emotions and communicate with the audience. Their work mostly exhibited in galleries for increasing the audience. Travel photography, Pet Photography, and sports photography don’t need much explanation. Scientific photographers used to capture scientific observations, research, collaborations or scientific events. Aerial photography is recently hot and new in this field. It is capturing from drones and aerial vehicles.

Why do they need a photography website?

Now the most important question “Why do you need a website?”. There are many reasons to show your potential to the audience out there who are surfing the web. There are around 4.39 billion people surfing the internet, it. 57% population.

The use of the website could be for any photographer, naive to the professional, wedding photographer to astrophotographers, all could take advantage of what the digital attention would provide.

Reason #1 – You need your digital space and identity.

Like in the real world, if you are starting something you need space where you work and the name and location of the place. Similarly, in the digital world of the internet, you need a name which is called domain name, location which is server and digital space called website.

choose a domain name
Choose your domain name

So now someone needs to see on online he just need to know the domain name put it on the search bar of any search engine and boom he visited your website. Sounds like the easiest way to communicate with numerous people at the same time.

Reason #2 – There is no competition between different photographers on your own website.

bench press competition
You have to compete with others on social media and image hosting platforms.

Let’s say you are spreading your work online through different means. Most commonly, by using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Or using some image hosting services like Flickr, pixabay, 500px, etc. These things don’t cost you anything but still cost everything because here you are not the center of the universe when someone visited these platforms. There are other people like you who are seeking attention. Due to this competition, you couldn’t get the audience.

Even some photographers work for an agency, so that agency put the photographer’s brief bio in the “About the Team” page of their website. But this thing could harm you as well because you couldn’t be the only photographer in their agency.

corporate shark
You are number one on your own website.

Using your own website gives you the freedom to show others your potential without distracting them. Here audience looks more in-depth in your work as compared to the other online spaces. Even you can embed your social media tweets, posts and other content on your own website. So that people visit your website and experience there your social media as well. This is one of the important features of a website. Even you request your audience to follow your account directly from the website without visiting the social media. This feature helps to reduce the diversion produce by so much competition.

Reason #3 – You could get your dream clients.

Why a photographer needs a photography website? 2
Get your dream client

Every photographer wants to have a dream project(s). So you have to show your passion towards that project, show other’s your interest and skills to the people. Through this, you could connect to your dream clients.

Reason #4 – Your website helps you to easily searchable.

Easily searchable on web
Easily searchable on Web

There are two important features which I am gonna talk about it here. These two features help you to become easily searchable.

First one is SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps your website to grow higher on the search engine searches for the keywords you are using on your website. Like your website ranked high in the keyword “drone photography”, then when someone searches something about drone photography then your website will be on someplace.

The second thing is the search engine indexing. This feature ensures that your website pages are all indexed in all search engines so that they can analyze your website and rank them according to the keyword you are competing.

Before your website, people would search you on social media. But now after optimizing the search engines and indexing your website. People could easily search you or your website easily on search engines.

Reason #4 – You can build your email list of potential customers.

Why a photographer needs a photography website? 3
“Subscribe to newsletter” example.

Yes, this is the feature which is efficiently used by a website to build a quality audience. Visitors on your website could subscribe to your newsletter which means any new update in your website will automatically be forwarded to the audience. And also you get the email of the visitor so that you can communicate with the visitor if he/she would be interested in any of the product or services you are offering.

Reason #5 – You can monetize from the skills and photographs you have clicked.

The website provides you multiple benefits. Along with increasing your ease of reach to the potential audience, it will help you to monetize from the services and products you are offering.

How to monetize?
How to monetize?

Following are common ways of monetizing from the photography website:

  1. You will provide the stock photography service in which you provide copyright to others for using your photograph for domestic, and commercial use. In return, they will pay you. There are many stock photograph services for hosting your images.
  2. You can sell your image album online on your website. For example, if you are a travel photographer and traveled in India. Then display some 5-10 demo images as a sample, and sell the whole bundle of images as an album.
  3. You could also create content on the art of capturing images for other photographers.
  4. You provide services to others as if you are a scientific photographer, then people will hire you for the research work. Or if you are an event photographer then people could hire you to see the available dates over the year when you are not booked and hire you online.
  5. You could provide your location of the studio if you have any so that nearby people could easily visit you.

Example of some photography websites.


I have written so far about “photo-preneurs” and why they need their own website? I again want to say that it is not “MUST” to have a website if you want to earn online as a photographer. But having a website provides you many advantages over any possible other means.

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I should say that you should give this a try. Make your own website with a name. We can design your website, maintain it and even provide you full year security. You just focus on your work as a photographer, and we focus on the work we could provide you as your own business buddy.

Dikshant Mehta

Dikshant Mehta is one of the two founders of Everyonix Technologies. He is a 22 years old serial entrepreneur. He creates websites, content online, and strategies for social media.