Top 10 Social Media Marketing Statistics1 min read

All type of business needs to know why they use social media marketing to increase their Business 100 times.

Business like Plumber, Real estate agents, eCommerce website, an online website business. All offline and online need this.

Given Below having 2019 latest stats for top 10 social media marketing platform.

They include the following stats for each social network:

  • Date established
  • Mobile users
  • Daily time spent
  • Monthly active users
  • Daily active users

Their small investment in SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING gives Stronger ROI which absolutely True in this DIGITAL WORLD.

This stat doesn’t require much of an explanation.

Of course, this average is only of those who have to use social media, and doesn’t factor in the ones don’t – so it doesn’t guarantee that your audience spends almost 3 hours per day on sites like Facebook and Twitter

Using Social Media marketing anyone able to get 6 to 8 figure Income.

Social Media Marketing Gives you unpredictable results which you can’t imagine.

IN 2019 Social media marketing is used by EACH AND EVERY millionaire.

Top 10 social media statistics - Social media marketing for businesses

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