Take a domain name before your username

Take a domain name before your username

The easiest way to get online is to make your social media identity. But wait. Did I write the opposite that you should make your website before your social media accounts? No absolutely, not. Because there is a great need.

Why people should follow you on social media is directly linked with what you have to share. If you are a product seller, service provider, artist or anyone wants to struggle online to get attention. Then it’s great to start with your own website.

Most people say that start slow and low and then make it big. But what if you go fast and high, you spend lot of time sharing content on social media which you don’t want just to get attention. But if have a website, google and search engines will do that for you. Also, you can drive traffic using social media.

Take a domain name before your username 1

As you wire cutter statistics above, they just get many visitors for their content using direct and search. But quite low for social media.

But people are a lot of emphasis on social media. Sometimes social media plays a hero for you or most of the time it sucks. Here, you should figure out what good for you to try online.

Most of the time having your own website and then put your content on your own website. Why? Because it’s more professional and brings seriousness regarding your work.

Always take yourname.com to register a domain name. I repeat always.

Life is too long for risking too little and spending more time. But you couldn’t figure out what will work for you in the future. If things turn upside down in the future maybe you should try something that you couldn’t imagine. So always register the domain as yourname.com or any other TLDs like .in, .net or etc. But .com is more professional, why because most of the people heard of it. If it’s not available then others are also equally reputable in eyes of search engines.

Can I design my own website ourself? Do I need a website designer before?

Yes, you can create your own website. If you have time you could also design your website, but you have to spend time. But hiring someone is always gives you positive results because the professional designer knows the trends, what could be great for you? What best layout is great?

However, you can apply the MVP model here also. You can buy an $11 domain name from a registrar then make a minimum viable product, which is a low graphic self-designed website. There are many tools online for doing that, like wordpress.com, blogger.com and many more. Then when you get started getting traffic on that website, then hire a designer and customize properly.

Why your website is a web for sticking your random visitors into your prey content consumer?

Understand this like in a cool manner. Imagine that your website is actually the web you design perfectly to get as more prey on the web, you need more fiber and fiber is content. Put a lot of content on your website. So that people become insane for consuming your content.

But how you can do that in a single snap? There is no infinity gauntlet for doing that in a single snap. So keep faith in the system you design and have patience. The time takes for your content spread all over the place.

Ask help from people you have a connection with. They can spread about you faster than imagine. Ask your friends, relatives, and family to share your website page and social media posts with their followers and connections.

If you have the bait content great, prey comes through social media. Why social media? Because that is the best place for getting free attention. Right!

Then when the prey visitor visits your website. Now the fiber of your web should be tensile and should have lot of strength. That’s what we call the average visitation time.

Social Media Vs Website Retention

You know who likes your social media, who commented on them. But on social media not only putting content like that. If you content is unique. But if you are posting unique content then predator eyes content copycatters are there, who copied that content from you and put that on their social media. Now that content becomes public. But if you put that content on your website then it has high chances that people recognize you for your mind-boggling unique content.

Dikshant Mehta

Dikshant Mehta is one of the two founders of Everyonix Technologies. He is a 22 years old serial entrepreneur. He creates websites, content online, and strategies for social media.