Progressive Web Apps: the What and Why.

Progressive Web Apps: the What and Why.

Progressive Web Apps are really web sites that leverage modern browser capabilities & development best practices to deliver user experiences. Progressive is the future of website development industry.


Have you ever seen an “Add to Home Screen” banner, like below, at the time of browsing a website? When you click add button, the “application” installs itself in the background on your home page. When you open this application that now sits in your app drawer without downloading from GOOGLE PLAY STORE OR iOS APP STORE, you can browse the same experience you were doing on your browser, but now right in your mobile phone.

What you have now is a mobile app that was downloaded as a web application. All this, without downloading App from google play store or app store.


First, let’s talk about some of the challenges we are facing today.

Internet speed: you may not realize this depending on where you live, but 60% of the world’s population is still using 2G internet with few Kb/s speed. Even in Developed countries like USA, UK, etc, some people have to use dialup to access the internet.

Slow website load: Do you know how long a user waits to click the “Close X” button if a website is too slow? Only in “Three seconds!” 53% of users leave your website if it is too slow

High friction: People don’t want to install native apps because they required SPACE in your smartphone. An average user installs 0 applications in a month.

User engagement: Users spend most of their time in native apps like facebook app, Instagram app, zomato app, yelp app, google map, snapchat app and other, but mobile web reach is almost three times that of native apps. Yes, you here right. Hence, most of the users are not actively engaged. However, users are spending 80% of their time on only their top three native apps. Mean If you develop your own Native app for Google play store and iOS app store you are wasting your money.

You can google the average Development cost for Android app is around $10,000 to $50,000 and Development cost for iOS apps is around $15,000 and $60,000.

PROGRESSIVE WEB APPLICATION. Which is very helpful for you Business in your Budget to attract customers.

PROGRESSIVE WEB APPLICATION help solves these problems. There are multiple reasons for using a progressive web app:

  • Fast: PROGRESSIVE WEB APPLICATION provides experiences that are consistently fast. From the moment a user downloads an app to the moment they start interacting with it, everything happens really fast.
  • Integrated user experience: PROGRESSIVE WEB APPLICATION feel and behave like native apps. They Add in a user’s smartphone home screen, send push notifications like native apps, & have access to a device’s functionalities like native apps.
  • Engaging: Because we can send notifications to a user, we can really drive the engagement up by keeping the user notified and engaged with the app.
  • SEO optimized: PROGRESSIVE WEB APPLICATION is google SEO optimized it increase ranking on the search engine.
  • Low Hosting Cost: PROGRESSIVE WEB APPLICATION is Website which is added to your home screen. Mean there is no requirement for the server for the app.