#1 Online Setup for Doctor: Strongest Web Launch for Doctors

#1 Online Setup for Doctor: Strongest Web Launch for Doctors

Are you a doctor or a dentist? Having a clinic or nursing room?

Are you looking for a professional online setup for doctor? Wanna launch yourself on the web?

Here’s a great package not only for doctors but every passion, profession, idea or concept.

The Strongest Web Launch.

Why an online setup for Doctor?

There could be many reasons for making online setup for doctor professionally. Because there are a lot of people out there seeking your services.

Online Setup for Doctor
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You just have to be there where are most of the people search.

That’s place is the Internet.

Launching yourself online helps to grow your clinic or professional awareness. Also, helps to build trust.

You share your opinion on your own doctor’s website.

What’s Strongest Web Launch?

Strongest Web launch is a package made by Everyonix Technologies for every professional out there who want to launch online.

Launching online is easy nowadays. But make a professional online presence and your control over it, is the main goal of this package.

Most important things to the Strongest Web Launch:

  • Make a professional online presence for you.
  • You can control the content creation and analyze the website right from your smartphone or Laptop

There 23 great services and specifications in this package for the online setup for doctor:

  1. One Free Domain Name ( .com or .in)
  2. Fast web hosting
  3. Professional Email ( like john@johnclinic.com)
  4. SSL Certificate
  5. 5-Page Website Design
  6. Posting Feature
  7. Email Newsletter Subscription
  8. Chatbox
  9. Social Media professional account creation
  10. Mobile Responsive Website
  11. Google My Business Listing
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Facebook Pixels and Google Tag Manager
  14. Facebook Ad Managers

Also, there are free bonuses if you get the package right now.

What should be on your Doctor Website?


1. Domain Name (Free)

The first thing in the online setup for Doctor, is the need for a domain name.

Free Domain name .com or .in for a year. However, if you need .clinic or some other you have to pay extra for that.

You have to pay every year for Domain.

Check the availability of your domain name below.

2. Fast Web Hosting

Fast Web hosting helps to load your website rapidly.

We provide you with hosting for a year in this plan. You can extend the hosting service by paying more after a year.

After a year, you can pay monthly or yearly for hosting service.

3. Professional Email

We provide you a professional email. You will get more than one professional email if you are interested in having more. Like support@drjohn.clinic or feedback@drjohn.clinic.

You will get one professional email definitely.

4. SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate helps to provide security to your website visitors.

5. Five Pages Website Design

We provide you the design of 5 Pages and a blog page.

Home Page and Blog page is there.

Choose any four from the below:

  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Services Page
  • Testimonials Page
  • Appointment Page
  • Landing Page
  • Any other Custome Page

Bonus #1: Free Logo Designed by us if you don’t have one or need a new one.

6. Posting Feature

You can post your blogs directly on your website from your smartphone or laptop or pc.

We set it up for you.

You can share your clinic events, new services, or your opinion on current trends in medical science. You can share the information.

Also, you can vlog on youtube and embed those youtube videos on blogs.

Bonus #2: Ebook Tutorial on “How to Manage your Website?”. It helps to understand the method of posting.

7. Email Newsletter Subscription

Email Newsletter subscription feature helps to take the Name or Emails from the website visitors.

So that you can retarget them later.

You can use that for Email Marketing.

8. ChatBox

We will provide you with the Chatbox option if you like it.

You online visitors can directly chat with you or your staff directly through this chatbox.

There are three different kinds of chatbox, you can choose any one of these:

  1. Facebook Messenger chatbox
  2. Whatsapp Chatbox
  3. Custom Chatbox

9. Social Media Professional Account Setup

We will set up the Social Media Account professionally for you. Like, Instagram business account, Facebook Business Page, and group creation.

Bonus #3: Ebook tutorial on “How to handle you Social Media?”.

Bonus #4: Everyonix Technologies’ “Social Media Management Service” for free for 14 days.

10. Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Responsive website design helps to fits the content on the website fits itself according to the screen size.

11. Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing, helps to comes on the local searches. If people near your clinic location search ” Doctors near me”. Then they end up getting your clinic information.

That’s the plus point of google My business. It’s just to list your business nowadays if you have a business location.

12. Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps to analyze the traffic on your website.

You come to know where the traffic is coming and etc.

13. Facebook Pixels and Google Tag Manager

Setting up Google Tag Manager helps to track, how many people enter a particular event you want from them. Like, how many visitors take an appointment etc.

Facebook pixels can help you to run Conversions Facebook and Instagram Ads.

14. Setting up Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager has Ad Manager, which helps you to run Facebook ads right from your smartphone or laptop.

Running Digital Ads is quite easy nowadays.

Bonus #5: 25000+ impressions worth of Facebook/Instagram ad for free. So that your website pickup the thrust.

Bonus #6: Ebook Tutorial on “How to run Facebook & Instagram ads?” on your own.

15. Google Ad Account Setup

Google Ads is a great way to get new visitors to your website.

Bonus #7: Ebook Tutorial on “How to Run Google Ads on your own?”

Bonus #8: Ebook tutorial on “How to hire someone to manage your online Stuff?”.

Bonus #9: 5 Ad copies for Instagram & Facebooks.

Dikshant Mehta

Dikshant Mehta is one of the two founders of Everyonix Technologies. He is a 22 years old serial entrepreneur. He creates websites, content online, and strategies for social media.