Myths about WordPress Development

Myths about WordPress Development

Millions of sites on the internet are hosted working on this CMS (Content Management System), WordPress. Even the site you are reading the article on is also on WordPress.

But the question is why WordPress is so much popular?

Because of it’s simple and user-friendly design. And the wide availability of features, wordpress is popular among the developers, and in the first-time project creators.

There are many myths out there, about this very efficient Content-Management-System. We are going to discuss some of the myths one by one.

So let’s get started.

Myths about WordPress

1. and WordPress CMS are the same

No it is not. is actually a hosting service with regular maintainence of the platform. It is free to use, and also have a premium plan. But the free plan only have limited features.

On the other side, WordPress CMS is actually a Content Management System, which is open source. And anyone can install it on their hosting. You have to take a separate hosting for that and install wordpress CMS in it.

WordPress.comWordPress CMS
No need to worry about maintenanceAt least a small amount of maintenance is required (that you can do on your own also).
It has a free plan, but with limited features.You can design and create a site with unlimited features.
You have to pay to sell your product, have to take the premium plan.You can sell products without any additional cost, by just adding some plugins, that have great features.
Have to pay to create a membership siteCan make membership site free of cost.
Limited SEO and analytics report present.Unlimited SEO and analytics report available.

Throughout the article we are talking about Wordpres CMS.

2. WordPress is not good for SEO

That’s not true.

First, we have to understand SEO. SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. In the layman terms, if a page or content on the site is Search engine optimized, then that content will show in the serarch results on google, bing, or other search engines.

WordPress is good for SEO, because it has many free tools that you can integrate that would enhance the search engine ranking.

Also using some of the google tools like Google Search Console, you can enhance the effect, and also keep an eye on the SEO of the site.

3. WordPress is not good fit for ecommerce

If you want to create your online store, then wordpress would be great.

But, yes I can admit it can’t get you what a dedicated ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento can provide.

If we compare that almost all features you can add on your WordPress site by spending the same or even less amount of money.

WordPress is great if you are just starting out.

Also, WordPress developer are easily available than the Shopify Liquid Developers, and other CMS developers. So you can even add more custom features to the site.

4. You can’t add custom functionality.

You can make whatever you wanted using WordPress.

To create a site from scratch vs with WordPress. I think go with WordPress, because some of the functionality is already present. And the rest which you need, can be acquired using custom coding.

WordPress is built on PHP for backend scripting, and MySQL for Database management. And for frontend you can use HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, or library like Bootstrap etc.

So to add functionality you just have to hire some WordPress Developer.

Dikshant Mehta

Dikshant Mehta is one of the two founders of Everyonix Technologies. He is a 22 years old serial entrepreneur. He creates websites, content online, and strategies for social media.