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Logo Design
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Every online existence needs a logo to represent itself. Why?

To understand that, we just look at its definition.

What is a Logo?

According to Google, a logo is ” a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.”

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It’s the identity of a business. So you have to invest some of either of your time or money or both, to make it worth it.

Logo and New Digital Age.

In the past, only businesses invest in having a logo. But nowadays, we can see a professional Instagram account sharing information on Dividends, Stocks and Money Management has its own logo.

Some free and paid software, tools and websites make the process of getting a logo much easier.

Advice: If you are newly launching your business or idea, and short on investment, you can use these free services for getting a logo.

Your Logo is Brand Identity

If you are quite serious regarding your online presence the logo is not just about identity.

A logo could represent a brand.

Different Logo Style

There are different methods for designing a logo. And the method depends mostly on the quality, uniqueness, and presentability you require.

1. Free Logo Designing Softwares

Free logo designing software or tool is great if you are starting and low on funds.


  • You can get the design for free
  • The unlimited customization, you can customize as much as you can
  • Instant Logo Designed


  • Not good if you are not creative regarding designing.
  • Not good if you need something unique

1. Minimalist Logo – Less is More

Minimalism is what most of the organization, industries, businesses, startups are all about.

It is a design approach that focuses on “Simplicity”.

Famous Brands with Minimal Logo Design

  1. Apple
  2. Uber
  3. Airbnb
  4. Nike
  5. Louis Vitton

Who use Minimalist Logo

  1. Beauty
  2. Entertainment
  3. Real Estate
  4. Entertainment
  5. Fitness

2. Freestyle Logo Design – Reflects the purpose

If you need a design, that reflects the purpose, concept or idea of business. Then the freestyle logo design is best for you.

Examples of Freestyle Logo Designs

Who use Freestyle Logo?

  1. Restaurants, Hotels, and Guest House
  2. Single Product Manufacturers
  3. Import/ Export Business
  4. Educational Institutes

3. Mascot Logo Design – “Brand Ambassador”

Logo Design 3
KFC logo

The best example of a Logo Design is KFC.

The logo represents an inanimate object livingly or shows a character ( or person ).

Using an object, character or business that also links to your business or organization. It makes it unique, and well representable.

Examples of Mascot Logo Design

Who uses Mascot Logo Design?

  1. Gamers
  2. Sports Teams
  3. Bands
  4. Restaurants

4. 3D Logo Design

3D logo delivers the concept of the brand in a very concise and subtle way.

If you are confused? Always remember 3D is always better than 2D.

Most Popular 3D Logo Design

  1. Superman Logo
  2. Superbowl Logo
  3. Xbox Logo
  4. Universal Picture Logo
  5. Firefox
  6. UPS

Who uses the 3D logo?

  • Studios
  • Software Development Company
  • Gaming Company

5. Vintage Logo Style – Artistic Touch

Vintage logo designs mainly use custom typography.

Examples of Vintage Logo Design

Who uses Vintage Logo Design?

  • 20+ years old businesses.
  • Period & Arts Startups
  • Retro Theme Businesses
  • Pubs and Restaurants

6. Signature Logo Design – Present Personality

Your Signature logo is a great way to represent the One-Person Business Identity and personality.

7. Hand Drawn Logo – Pure Artistic

8. Watercolor Logo Design

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