How to invest less and get more through your company/business website?

Investing more in your business website has nothing to do with making an impact on the market your targeting.

Website is nothing but a look of the information that you are sharing with the world.

How the information look does matter? But not more than the kind and way of showing that information.

Every business have its website. But, when I am saying don’t invest more means, don’t invest more on the look of the site, but on the other important aspect.

To understand more let’s discuss some of the aspects that are important while creating your own site.

The website development is Design + Content Creation + User Experience + Marketing.

1. Design

Design is something that how the things look on your site.

But for a business or a company profile that is just launching on the internet, it doesn’t require that you have a totally unique site.

Actually, it is opposite. To make an impact on the visitor of your site. The prime goal of the site should be to tell people about your business is less time.

The more it takes to visitor to know about your business, more the possibility of leaving them without knowing.

I prefer minimal design, if you are offering one or few services. And if you are providing group of services, then don’t afraid to make the website a little heavy.

2. Content

Content on your site is not just about your business.

It is also about the problems your are solving through your business. Share the stories of the customers or clients.

Also, it is great to have some testimonials from your existing co-partners, clients, and customers.

Showing that would increase trust.

3. User Experience.

User experience is directly dependent on the exactness of the persona you build in your mind while writing content on the site, or presenting the content on the site.

If you are luring investors, then there would be high possibility that many investors are over 40. And they have spectacles, and the font size on the site matters.

How simply you provide the company information is also important?

So to who you are presenting the data is important, to predict the user experience.

That’s the only one factor, there are more.

4. Marketing

Do marketing that is best for you, either content marketing, hire bunch of freelancers for writing content for your company (prefer to hire full time), because this will pay off a huge asset for the company.

You can also maintain a regular profile on the internet, and notify the world about the achievements, and other important notification with world about the company, using social media.

Social media is a way to directly connect with the audience, they can follow you and get the notification about the company in the least time.

So the for getting the right way to present the information on the social media you need people who can do so.

How much you should invest on your site?

Invest more on Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media Management, and user experience. And invest less on the look, and design of the site.

  1. Invest around 20 % on paid marketing (Digital Marketing)
  2. Around 25-30% on Content Creation with simple and effective writing if sharing through articles, ( you can also share through videos).
  3. 20-25% on user experience.
  4. 25% on the look of the site.

It is a rough sketch of investing in your site for your company/business.

Dikshant Mehta

Dikshant Mehta is one of the two founders of Everyonix Technologies. He is a 22 years old serial entrepreneur. He creates websites, content online, and strategies for social media.