Facebook Marketing is FIRE for every business3 min read

With more than 1.5 a billion users visiting every day, Facebook is currently the largest social media platform today. And 1.5 a billion user is CUSTOMERS those who are suffering on Facebook and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling Facebook Feed that’s why Facebook Marketing is Best for every business.

An average of the user on Facebook 40-50 minutes spending.

So if you can launch Facebook ads at the right time with the right targeted demographic location than this is enough time to make them your customers through Facebook Ads.

Facebook is now the most important marketing strategy for every business, to generate leads get a high amount of customers.

For all type of business either it’s a Big company like AMAZON or small business like a Real estate agent, Doctor, Dentist, Plumber, Car dealer, resort, hotel, restaurant, etc and convert them into loyal customers.

I Know your reaction…

How Do Facebook ads look like with high conversion rate?

Facebook Marketing is FIRE for every business 1
Real estate ads
Facebook Marketing is FIRE for every business 2
Dentist Ads
Facebook Marketing is FIRE for every business 3
Salon ad

Here is some Statics of Facebook you need to see.

If you are not benefiting on Facebook ads or Facebook Marketing is new for your business.

Globally there are 2.27 billion monthly active users on Facebook as of Q2 2018, this is an 11.2 percent increase year-on-year

Facebook’s users generate 4 million likes every minute.

Among all Facebook users, 88% access it via mobile devices. In the US this number reaches 68 percent.

Facebook has a built BUSINESS.FACEBOOK.COM.

In which we have to make a new Facebook business account to RUN FACEBOOK ADS that allows you to target potential customers based on their demographics, interests, age, income, device customer use (Mobile or Desktop).

Facebook also allows us to re-targeting those visitors who had earlier seen your Facebook ads or visited your website using ads, thus effectively narrowing down your target audience

Facebook also provides Insights and Competitor Information

You are losing customers if you are not doing Facebook Marketing

Every Business start must start marketing on Facebook and grow their business because there are more than 1.5 billion your customers are online on Facebook and want to find you…

But How???

Facebook Marketing is part of social media marketing…

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