Social Media Marketing

Simply put, social media marketing (SMM) refers to the process of using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok to attract traffic and attention. By using social media, you can increase exposure, build meaningful relationships with your customers.

On Social media your customer is always online and consuming social media data, only we have to target the right customer with the right mindset, right age, right location.

On social media, we can target customer according to their age, gender, location, income, interest, relationship, activity, profession etc.

While everybody can benefit from SMM is a type of digital marketing. Social media marketing is all about listening to what your customers have to say, engaging in the conversation, and sharing valuable content on the social media table.

Here is Some Social Media Statics

Social media marketing service

User spend an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes every single day on social media

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World wide statics of social media usage

Facebook Marketing

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Facebook is the number one platform when you start with social media marketing. Why because more than 2 billion users is on Facebook.

We provide Facebook ads campaigns services, Facebook Marketing Consultant Service, Facebook Video Ads service, Lead Generation, Facebook ads for all B2C businesses like eCommerce business, Real estate, Doctors, Schools, Colleges etc.

Instagram Marketing

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Instagram Parent Company is Facebook.

All the Ads such as Video ads, Story ads, Image ads are the same as Facebook.

Instagram is a high-engagement social media platform that 59% of internet users view. And most are of the younger demographic who spend most their time connected on the social media platform. The statistic has shown that 60% of people who use Instagram say the platform is where they have discovered new products or a new trend on the internet. Instagram Marketing can put your business above competitors in a way that can generate more brand awareness, followers, engagement, and customers. Instagram works as Cobra to kill your Competitors.

Twitter Marketing

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Twitter is known for being a platform that is used by celebrities like Narendra Modi, Bill Gates, Virat Koli, Barack Obama, Katy Perry but Twitter is also an amazing platform for businesses to connect with their current and potential clients. Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users worldwide.

Branding your business is one the best way to the market on Twitter for your business. Constantly putting out updates and content about your business helps define the type of voice your business has. If the content that you are publishing is useful to your targeted audience, it can help build trust within your business.

Youtube Marketing

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“YouTube” Is World’s Second Largest Search Engine After Google”, and would you not love to turn your business popular using the magic of videos?

Customer Don’t like to read they like to watch.

Youtube Video consumption is increasing day by day. Youtube is available in 91 languages. 75% usage is from Mobile phones.

Snapchat Marketing

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Snapchat users are consuming a large amount of content. To be precise, 10 billion videos clips per day on Snapchat. And the number of users producing this content is equally staggering, more than 100 million people use Snapchat with family and friends.
Snapchat is the only platform for vertical videos and it delivers a great experience. The ad/content is a 10 seconder and where the users can swipe up. Swipe up links to the advertiser motive and they can drive where they won’t like Website, blog, other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram. Snapchat’s swipe up rate is 5 times more than the average click-through on other social media ads/content.

Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving organic traffic by increasing the quality of the webpage so that search engines like Google and Bing rank them higher.

Local Search Marketing is a business tactic for local business enhancement. This marketing strategy is engaged in supporting and boosting your local business.

Also, include

  • Initial SEO Report
  • Monitoring of Search Engine Rankings, Traffic, and all Analytics
  • In-depth Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Optimization of Title, Meta, and H1 Tags
  • Content Updating and Page Optimization
  • Link Popularity, Link Resources Page, Reciprocal Links
  • Enhance Website Structure and Navigation Based on Analytics
  • Robot.txt Optimization
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Submissions to Top Search Engines and Directories
  • Monthly Report

Search Engine Marketing

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Search engine marketing s Google paid ads.

You will be at the top of the search engine ads with SEO.

Its a fast and highly used for an instant result.

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